We exist because the current system is incapable of what we define as ‘true care.’

When a patient's healthcare is set up to accommodate the system more than the patient, everyone suffers. This is why Choice Care exists; to provide patients with supplementary care that compensates for the inherent breakdown in the system. It does this while creating the time and space for patients to benefit from comprehensive healthcare and wellness services with nothing to get in the way of personalized care. 


Dr. Daniel Buda is on a passionate mission; one he holds close to his heart, which happens to be the same place he holds his patient relationships. That mission is to provide convenient, individualized care that empowers his patients to gain control of their health, to improve all of their life, while at the same time forming a bond with patients that goes beyond what one would ever experience elsewhere.

Choice Care has redefined what it means to receive good care by building every process, practice and procedure around what is right for the patient. With the disciplines of continual learning, we stay in rhythm with the latest medical breakthroughs while maintaining and building a base of key physician and healthcare relationships and services to cover every aspect of our patient’s life.



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Costa Mesa

1831 Orange Avenue suite E

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

T: (949) 791-2005

F: (949) 791-2006


Garden Grove

12495 Valley View Street

Garden Grove, CA 92845
T: (714) 901-7800
F: (714) 901-2300