Peace of mind…your student has Choice Care

The benefits of concierge medicine are now available in customized plans for businesses. Specially priced Choice Care memberships are available to students attending boarding schools or universities away from home. Most schools have nurses, student health centers or clinics, but the quality of care can be erratic. Wouldn’t you like a second opinion from Dr. Buda?

Student membership benefits

Discounted Choice Care memberships for students offer peace of mind for concerned parents and relatives and a range of primary care services for students including:

  • Routine consultations handled by phone or email, including medical advice or refills on many prescriptions.

  • Second opinions on all health or medical condition.

  • Coordination of emergency care.

  • Convenient office visits when your student is home for the holidays.

  • Assistance with management of medical conditions such as diabetes, disabilities, eating disorders, drug problems, and alcoholism.

  • This concierge medicine membership is for students attending boarding schools or universities away from home.

What does it cost?

The annual membership cost is $125 per student (monthly) if at least one parent is a concierge member



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