Concierge Membership

A word on the value and need for concierge medicine/direct primary care.

The quality of healthcare suffers in a system that transforms patients into numbers and the doctor’s office into a production line where HMOs and Medicare make all the rules. Choice Care offers an alternative for a limited number of patients who wish to obtain a higher standard of access to superior medical care.

Dr. Buda has chosen to speak out against a broken system. Concierge physicians charge a fixed annual fee for primary care medical services. The fee is not covered by your insurance or Medicare, which means a concierge physician is free to offer a higher level of attention to your family’s medical needs, giving you greater, more immediate control over your health. Concierge physicians are able to reduce practice size from thousands of patients to focus on a few hundred. It all translates to no more waiting for appointments, no crowded waiting rooms, and no more 15-minute appointments with a doctor who needs to look at your chart to remember your name.

Dr. Buda’s patients have his private cell phone number. Appointments last as long as it takes to address your needs. Dr. Buda becomes your personal physician, a trusted patient advocate fully prepared to help you navigate the complex healthcare system. Hospital care is closely monitored and specialists are personally briefed and debriefed by Dr. Buda.



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